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Art As Work

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Screen Shot 2011-12-20 at 11.20.58 PM copyBrian Hughes is currently Senior Creative Director at EdLab (at Teachers College, Columbia University), where he designs immersive educational experiences. He received his doctorate in Art Education from Teachers College and his BA in Studio Art from Dartmouth College. His research examines artistic traditions and creative practices.

Some Video Series:

Seen in New York | Published weekly on New Learning Times from 2013 – 2018. Each video highlighted a non-traditional, forward-thinking educational opportunity in NYC.

Learning Spaces | On learning that can take place beyond traditional, formal, educational spaces. The videos feature a diverse set of spaces designed for learning ranging from high-tech buildings to more simple environments.

Design Thinking & Education | Interviews with professional designers demonstrating the potential impact of art and design on schools and classrooms.

Changemakers | Showcasing Teacher College’s commitment to an expansive, innovative view of learning is exemplified through the lives of its dynamic faculty, students, and alumni.

Some Talks:

Schools for Tomorrow | September 22, 2011, Invited Speaker, The New York Times Conference

Supporting Academic Creativity with Online Tools | May 25, 2011, Presentation at the Creativity, Play, and the Imagination across the Disciplines Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Challenges on the Horizon for Scholarly Attribution: A Lesson from the Copyright Wars | April 17, 2009, Paper presentation, University of Idaho Philosophy Colloquium, Moscow, ID

Web Video as a Public Sphere for Educational Researchers | March 23, 2008, Paper presentation, American Education Research Association, New York, NY

Art Practices at the Intersection of Intellectual Property Law and Academic Honesty Policies | November 11, 2005, Paper presentation at the Graduate Student Conference on Philosophy and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Some writing:

Small p Publishing: A Networked Blogging Approach to Academic Discourse | 2012

Hermeneutic Excellence as a Meta-Ethic | 2008

Permissions, A Survival Guide: Blunt Talk about Art as Intellectual Property (book review) | 2006

The Moral Nature of Artistic Genius (dissertation) | 2006

Some Interviews:

Brainscape Interview: Social Media at EdLab | video, 2011

The Pulse Interview: Social Media in Education | podcast,  2010

Redesigning Course Materials to Reflect Social Media | podcast, 2010

The Art of Archiving and Video Production | podcast, 2009