A Foundation of Lies

| December 18, 2018

Disgust with criminals and their crimes is still possible, even in the case of three-star generals:

The judge was not upset only about Mr. Flynn’s sneaky prevarication. He said he felt “disgust” at Mr. Flynn’s offenses, that a retired three-star general would lie to the F.B.I. “while on the physical premises of the White House,” and, acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign country, Turkey, while he was an adviser to Mr. Trump (to which he admitted but was not charged). It was a bracing reminder of the brazenness of his misdeeds and of the standards the public should be able to expect of those who serve them. – The New York Times

What if the change you wanted to see in the world could only be brought about by liars and thieves? What kind of feedback would that be?